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Photography Tips

Cell Phone Photography Tips - courtesy of S. Young                 

(May not work on older cell phones)

In Settings - go to Camera then down to Grid and turn on Grid (allows for setting a straight horizon in photos.) Also in Settings, Camera, turn on HDR (allows better photos in high-contrast scenes.)

When you open your camera in PHOTO mode there is an icon at the top left for flash.  Turn flash off to minimize harsh shadows  on sunny days.

When you decide on a shot, place your finger on the main subject and a yellow box will appear.  This is what will be the area in focus.  There is a little yellow dot next to the box.  Using that dot, you can run your finger up or down to adjust the brightness before taking the photo.

Stage light.jpg

You can get some dramatic lighting in Portrait Mode ... using studio lighting effects.  This works for taking portraits of flowers as well as people.  

Also in Portrait Mode, note the little f in a circle at the top right.  This can adjust the depth of field ... which means yoy can blur the backgrouynd sliding to the smaller numbers (great for dramatic portraits of flowers) or slide to the larger numbers which keeps the whole screen in focus for beautiful landscapes.

Some editing tools  you might enjoy trying, along with the built-in edits on your phone, are the apps Snapseed and Touch/Retouch.  You can "magically" remove some objects from your photo or repair distractions in the photo. See Links/Apps in menu.

More iPhone Photography Tips - courtesy of P. Russell

Instead of putting 2 fingers on photo and "spreading" to zoom (which blurs the photo), try this!!!

When you are ready to snap a photo, locate the small circles at the bottom of photo area (probably show 0.5 and 1x) - see blue arrow pointing to circles in first photo.

Hold your finger on either circle (0.5 or 1x) and  a dial will appear.  See blue arrow pointing to dial in second photo. Rotate the dial to adjust your zoom up to 5x.  Very handy for taking photos or at the grocery if you are trying to read ingredient list in tiny print!

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