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Horticulture Tips

When trimming tall, decorative grasses for new growth in the spring,  gather all dried fronds using a bungee (like a pony tail.) Then use hedge clippers to cut below the bungee about 5 inches up from the ground.

 Propagation Tips from Julie at our Hort. Mtg. on 1-24 included reference by Alan Toogood

African violet not blooming?  Try watering with 1 T epsom salt in 1 gal. of water.

African Violets cropped CLARIFIED.jpg

Plant ID Free in Google App

(use with ANY smartphone)

Open Google.  The red arrow below points to the camera (you may be referred to your settings to allow access to your camera.)  Press this camera and turn the lens to the desired plant. Then tap shutter button to search.

Google plant ID.jpg
Google climbing onion.jpg

Plant ID Free on iPhone

Select a plant photo located in Photos

1 final.jpg
2 final.jpg

Late Summer Boost for Tired Bloomers 

Cindy's tip from Zach Jenkins at Huyck Farms - Geraniums are heavy feeders.  He suggested a water soluble fertilizer with a high amount of phosphorous.  Water your geraniums and other blooming plants with the solution weekly.  Cindy used Scotts Super Bloom 12-55-6 (plastic jar with pink label).  The middle number on the fertilizer label is the phosphorous and is much larger than either the nitrogen (left) or the potassium (right) in this particular fertilizer.  Cindy's geraniums were blooming again in two weeks!

Geranium from Cindy.jpg

Japanese Beetles a Problem?

Blue hydrangea.jpg

Japanese beetles on your hydrangeas, crepe myrtle, etc?  Try this remedy:

1 tsp. liquid dishwashing detergent and

1 cup vegetable oil - shake together well.

Add 1 quart water and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol - shake vigorously to emulsify.  Pour into spray bottle and use at 10-day intervals.

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