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Thanks to all who attended!

GCA Flower Show

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BOOKS BY WENDELL BERRY List of Port Membership Books 1Nathan Coulter 1960 2A Place on Earth1966 3The Memory of Old Jack 1974 4The Wild Birds1986 5Remembering 1988 6A World Lost 1996 7Two More Stories of the Port William Membership 1997 8Jayber Crow2000 9That Distant Land2002 10Hannah Coulter2004 11Andy Catlett2006 12A Place in Time2013 List of New Patriotism Books in Publication Order 1In the Presence of Fear 2001 2Patriotism and the American Land (By: Richard Nelson) 2002 3Citizens Dissent 2006 List of Standalone Novels in Publication Order 1To know the dark1989 List of Short Stories/Novellas in Publication Order 1The Discovery of Kentucky1991 2How Ptolemy Proudfoot Lost a Bet1992 3Whitefoot2008 List of Collections in Publication Order 1Broken Ground 1964 2November Twenty-Six Nineteen Hundred Sixty-Three 1964 3Openings 1968 4The rise 1968 5Findings 1969 6Farming, a Handbook 1970 7The Country of Marriage 1973 8Sayings & Doings and an Eastward Look 1975 9Horses1975 10Kentucky River1975 11Clearing 1977 12The Salad 1980 13The Wheel 1982 14A Part 1983 15The Collected Poems, 1957-19821985 16The wild rose1986 17I go from the woods into the cleared field1987 18Sabbaths 1987 19The Landscape Of Harmony 1987 20Traveling at Home 1989 21Fidelity1992 22Watch With Me1994 23Entries 1994 24Three on Community1996 25A Timbered Choir1998 26The Gift of Gravity2003 27Given2005 28Window Poems 2007 29The Mad Farmer 2008 30Leavings 2009 31The Poetry of William Carlos Williams of Rutherford2011 32New Collected Poems2012 33 This Day2013 34Terrapin 2014 35A Small Porch 2016 36The Peace of Wild Things2018 37The Farm 2018 38Down in the Valley Where the Green Grass Grows2019 Non-Fiction Books 1 The Long-Legged House1966 2The Hidden Wound1970 3The Unforeseen Wilderness1971 4A Continuous Harmony 1972 5The Agricultural Crisis1977 6The Unsettling of America1977 7The Gift of Good Land1981 8Recollected Essays, 1965-19801981 9Standing by Words1982 10Preserving wildness1986 11Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer 1987 12Home Economics1987 13From the Heartlands1988 14Harlan Hubbard 1990 15What Are People For?1990 16Standing on Earth1991 17Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community1993 18Another Turn of the Crank 1995 19Life is a Miracle2000 20The Art of the Commonplace2002 21Citizenship Papers2003 22The Way of Ignorance and Other Essays2005 23Blessed are the Peacemakers 2005 24Conversations with Wendell Berry2007 25Bringing it to the Table2009 26Imagination in Place2010 27What Matters?2010 28It All Turns on Affection2012 29Distant Neighbors: The Selected Letters of Wendell Berry & Gary Snyder2014 30Our Only World2015 31Roots to the Earth 2016 32A Conversation Between Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson 2017 33The Art of Loading Brush2019 34The World-Ending Fire2019 35The City and the Farm Crisis 2019 36What I Stand On2019 37Wendell Berry: Essays 1969-19902019 38Essays, 1993-20172019 39Think Little 2019 40The Need to Be Whole2022

If you are visiting Paducah, be sure to visit the downtown flood wall murals, the Quilt Museum and Historic Whitehaven.

Coming October 26, 2023

Paducah Garden Club

 James Farmer

2022-12-5 James Farmer photo by Emily Followill.jpg

More information to follow

Photo credit:  Emily Followill

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